Corporate Membership
Corporate Membership” means membership acquired by an application by any incorporated entity. The validity of the membership is upto the dissolution or winding up of such entity. The Corporate Membership entitles the Corporate to nominate any two individuals, not below the position of Director or one rank below the Director to represent the Corporate, however at the time of voting only one vote will be counted for voting purpose.

Life Membership
Life Membership means membership acquired by application for Life Membership.

Annual Membership – Individual
Annual Membership is available to individual applicants. The subscription is paid annually.

Annual Membership – Other than Individual
Annual Membership is available to a new applicant, who is not an individual and is either retailers, manufacturers, educational institutions and such other entities. It is a category by which the subscription is paid annually.

Students Membership
Students Membership means membership offered to any individual who is at the time of applying Students Membership is engaged in any educational courses from the recognized education institution.