WJA India organised ‘Pearl Day– Seminar’ with GIA on 26th February, 2011 for WJA members. This is a growing segment for members where they benefited from the informaon provided on various types of pearls. GIA shared its experse and knowledge on these organic gems. Members found the presentaon interesng which provided informaon on how these gems are born in marine life, their colours, texture and lustre. The seminar provided them with informaon on the factors that enhance their value.


Few of the members who attended Pearl Day Seminar


Post Seminar, members enjoyed networking session.



Mino Sable—entrepreneur : “The seminar was very informave. It helped us to learn a lot about pearls and their authencity.“

Nehal Shah—entrepreneur : “We should do more such events and get together. Pearl Seminar helped me to learn more about pearls and will help me develop my products.”